Wednesday, October 1, 2008

september recap: lower mileage, fewer races

i bounced between running extremes in september. it started with my running at an all-time low because of the as-yet diagnosed anemia, and ended, thanks to 2x daily iron supplements, back on the road to full recovery. while the actual cause of the anemia remains elusive (second round of tests, tomorrow, actually), the symptoms have been tamed in the short-run.

statistically, in september i only logged 151.8 miles (my lowest monthly total for the year). that was a drop from the 186.2 miles i ran in august (which, in turn, was an even sharper drop from the 261.9 miles i ran in july). still, despite the drop off, i ended the month by passing 2000 miles run for the year (2010.1). i had hoped to reach 3000 miles this year, but the combined low mileage of august and september has put that target out of reach.

on the race front, i only ran two last month: the staten island 6 hour run and the ing nyc marathon tune-up. both races came at the end of the month, after i had a couple of weeks of iron supplements under my belt. i was more than happy with my performances. on the flip side, however, i skipped 3 races: the south nyack 10 miler, norwalk half, and fall distance frolic. instead, i volunteered at two of them, the norwalk half and the fall frolic. while not as much fun as actually running the races, each was a great experience, great time, and plenty of fun.

on the non-running front, september was a return to teaching duties (in addition to my regular day job). but the big surprise was the addition of a second class to my schedule. the plan was to teach estate taxation in the graduate school - but i suddenly found myself pencilled in to teach individual income taxation in the undergraduate program, as well! good thing i love teaching :D

on the concert front, i got to see riders on the storm, and pat went to see squeeze at radio city music hall. on the adult beverage front, i went the the manhattan cask ale festival at the chelsea brewing company, and a chilean wine tasting at zachys. and, somewhat related, pat and i drove over to greenwich to catch a great little movie about wine, "bottle shock."

right now i'm putting together my race schedule for the next month (which, so far, starts with the ted corbitt 24 hour run and is bookended with the nyc marathon). mixed in is some business travel, which may spill over into a couple of weekends. i'll try to post it in the next day or so.

last, but definitely not least, i want to thank everyone who checked in last month and wished me good luck on my tests and a speedy recovery. whether in-person, via e-mail, or as comments on the blog, i was completely overwhelmed by all the positive karma!


Kevin said...

Frank, I am glad you are back to health. The iron issue? I started taking a multi-vitamin with iron and it has helped me a bit...Love the calendar. It is so neat.

Just_because_today said...

and the positive Karma remains as we wish for good results in the upcoming tests.
Your mileage remains remarkable. Sometimes we need to take a step back to be able to take a step forward.