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ted corbitt 24-hour run: october 4, 2008

ted corbitt on third day of the 2007 pioneer memorial 100 mile trek.

the above photo is ted corbitt giving the pre-race briefing on day three of the pioneer memorial 100-mile trek. he started off each day by giving the participants his personal observations of the ultra runners that were being honored on that day/stage of the race. in addition to the pre-race briefings, ted was on the course taking pictures, manning aid stations, and just plain cheering on the runners!

aside from all his tremendous accomplishments as a runner, he was a true giant of a man. since his passing in december, 2007, richie and the broadway ultra society have planned a 24-hour ultra event in his honor. finally, after months of paperwork, all the approvals have been obtained and the date is set: october 4, 2008.

if you can, please PARTICPATE in the event! if you can't particpate, please VOLUNTEER a few hours at the event! if you're unable to participate or volunteer, please CONTRIBUTE in some small way and help underwrite the costs of staging this important event!

whatever you can do, please spread the word - and find a way to be part of this event!

here is the official b.u.s announcement. the application should be posted on the site shortly, as well as any additional race details.


August 14, 2008

The Ted Corbitt 24-Hour is ON!!!! I have just received approval from Parks Department and a congratulatory call from the White House. The event is scheduled to start on October 4 at Juniper Valley Park in Queens. The course loop will be mainly flat and approximately 1.2-miles. The starting time has not been determined, but I am leaning towards 10:00 AM. The application will be sent in a few weeks.

I remember Ted saying that he normally didn’t like events named after him. But if that what it took to get people to participate, he would be all for it. And that’s the purpose of this event to honor Ted in the best possible way………………a race. And no better race is a 24-hour race. Ted ran in a world class 24-hour in November 1973, when such events were unheard of. Ted finished in 3rd place by completing 134.7 miles. He put out every ounce of blood and sweat he could muster. He felt he should have done better, at least 15 miles better. But his total still became the new American Record, and he was 54 at the time. The following year, Ted encountered asthma and did not run competitively again.

Let’s all put our efforts together to honor the memory of our departed friend and also the 35th anniversary of Ted’s 24-Hour American Record. And a collective effort will be needed. The proposed event is going to take some money. We are going to have to compensate Parks for use of their facilities for 24-hours. The insurance cost will be much more. And we will need continued Police patrols. To show our appreciation for such patrols, I feel we should distribute a few dozen shirts to the precinct. So, the entry fee will probably be high; somewhere in the neighborhood of $80-$100 for BUS Members. And we probably also will need donations from our membership.

The event also will need ample volunteer help and around the clock. And there is another factor. I recently had encountered a few setbacks. No, I did not invest with Freddie Mac or befriended Freddy Krueger. It seems my herniated disc problem has returned, and my range of motion has been limited. I may need to request some assistance with the pre-race preparations.

Considering all of the above, it probably would show good sense not to have the event, at least not this year. But good sense and anything “ultra” are strange bedfellows. Because of Ted, I strongly felt we must try to overcome all the obstacles and still have the event. Look at all the obstacles Ted had overcome in his lifetime. There will be more details about the event in the next mailing.

Though this is not the regular mailing, I still have enclosed the applications for the Staten Island 6-Hour to be held on Saturday, September 20 at Clove Lakes Park and the GLIRC 60th Birthday – 6-Hour Run to be held on Sunday, October 19 at Sunken Meadow State Park. These are two superb events on the Metropolitan ultra calendar. Both races provide a lot with perks and post-race goodies and ideal ultra opportunities. Both events are also part of the New York Ultra Running Grand Prix Series.

I’ll be back in touch in the near future with the regular mailing, but I wanted to quickly inform you of the 24-Hour news. I hope the summer has been a good one, and you are ready for the ultra challenges in the fall. Until next time, take care.


Richard Innamorato

update: the race application has been posted on-line at the b.u.s. site.

update: check out the race photos and results.

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Bert said...

I was sadly ignorant of Ted Corbitt's immense contribution to running in the USA. After reading your post I did some research and was duly educated. Good project! Good luck with it.