Sunday, August 10, 2008

catskill mountain 100k relay: photos and results

the team: don, me, myriam, pam and emmy!

after a very long day (and one torrential downpour mid-race), the relay is done! here are some pictures. race report (and more photos) to follow. i'll add a link to results when they are posted.

myriam and emmy, recording split times.

don in action.

emmy and don.

don and myriam.

myriam finishing her leg (after torrential downpour),
and handoff to emmy.

emmy just handed off to me.

an interesting view of me in action.

frank and me.

don, myriam, and emmy.

pam and emmy.

don, pam, and todd.

check out emmy's relay photos.
check out myriam's relay photos and report.
check out race photos at sullivan striders site.


Just_because_today said...

awesome pictures. Love the one where Don is handing me the towel and I look the way I felt!
I beat you to the blog this time but you did not comment on mine!

Pam said...

Great pics Frank. Thanks for taking and sharing them.

AnthonyP said...

Nice pics Frank. Looking forward to reading the report.

Just_because_today said...

notice I am drinking diet coke...