Saturday, August 9, 2008

westport summer series, 6.85 miler: photos and results

this morning was the westport summer series 6.85 miler at compo beach. it was probably the best running weather day of the summer - and a great time to be down at the beach!

me and roy.

michael, roy, don, and me.

michael, roy, don and emmy.

rob (after a dip in the water).




joe and gail.

joe and gail (in full instructor mode).

michael and emmy

emmy, at the awards, wins a coveted shirt.

race report to follow.

here are the official results.


rob said...

Man, you don't waste any time posting this stuff! You're like the Glenn Reynolds of running bloggers...

runner-grrl said...

Wow! I stumbled on your running blog and love it. This is the best one I've seen yet.

CTmarathoner said...

thanks for the results and photos -I missed the yoga session with Gail (she is a pro now -just got back from a week's training session) --glad that you met a reader of your blog (Roy)