Saturday, August 30, 2008

westport summer series 10 miler: photos and results

today was the final race of the 2008 westport summer series, the labor day weekend 10 miler. i almost skipped it because when i woke up and heard the sound of rain beating against the window, i just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. instead, i reluctantly got out of bed and headed over to the race.

rain or not, i would have run 10 miles today - so better to do those miles with friends. luckily, by the start, the rain had all but stopped (there was a light drizzle in the first half). aside from a pw 1:23:18 finish (9 minutes off my slowest 10 miler), i had a great time and was glad i didn't let the rain give me an excuse to sleep in! race report to follow!

inside, looking out (and i'm almost tempted to stay inside)!

dreary start conditions (but, thankfully, the rain stopped)!

view of the finish.

me (just finished) and rob. (roy's photo)

roy and rob - finished!

emmy finishing.

emmy - finished! (roy's photo)


don finishing.

ronnie and emmy (demonstrating a particular technique)!

handing in our scoring sticks.

emmy, don, and rob.

me and don.

ronnie and dawn.

don, me, and rob! (roy's photo).

here is my race report.
here are the official results.


Laura said...

Great job! Fun way to kick off the holiday weekend :)

DawnB said...

What a day. Great to see everyone. You were like lighting going by me the first mile :) I never saw you agian. I think I'm loosing my touch dodging from the camera you caught me off gaurd two weeks in a row!!