Sunday, August 3, 2008

joe kleinerman 12 hour run: photos and results

first place: byron!

second place: phil!

first place: sylvie!

second place: gail!

nicole and me, just after we finished the last 7 loops together!

me, bea, and chris (they came for the second 6 hours)!

gail and me.
pizza never tasted as sweet as it did after 12 hours on your feet!

rain delay: a very wet emmy!

rain delay: a very relaxed rob!

rain delay: okay, when will this thing end?!

rain delay - view outside the gazebo.

rain delay - inside the gazebo.

alicia mans the aid station: the highlight of which was fresh cantaloupe from her own garden!

pre-race: packet pick-up.

pre-race: richie's infamous, "the minute i see lightening, you guys are coming off the course - no if's and's or but's - got me!" it was sunny, hot, and humid when he gave us this dire warning!!

check out the b.u.s hall of fame induction photos.
check out emmy's photos.

here is my race report.


AnthonyP said...

Great shots Frank. When are you up for a run to Capt. Lawrence ?

DawnB said...

congratulations Frank great photos!!

CTmarathoner said...

great photos --what a long, wet day --just changing clothes and shoes was an ordeal. I am so proud of Rob for slogging though 60 miles, and he would have done more had we not had a delay. This is 2x the distance he has done recently...and you for doing 51 miles -great job --now time for shorter races.

rundangerously said...

thanks anthony! i'm always up for a beer run :D but we should check out some nyc joints after work this month!

thanks dawn! hope you're feeling better. see you at don's 11 miler in 2 weeks?

emmy, you took some great photos as well!! who is that dude w/a towel drapped over his head? ;)

Just_because_today said...

nice pics.
So what if the rain didn't stop?
wait for the next year? or was it just the thunder?

rundangerously said...

myriam, when richie suspended the race i suggested he should give us credit for a biathlon b/c we had to swim upstream to get back to the transition area ;)