Monday, August 4, 2008

microbrewed beers (and a bottle of wine) that i tried in july

i got sidetracked (which wasn't difficult) in the middle of putting together my race report for the joe kleinerman 12 hour race yesterday. i was drinking a sam adams hefeweizen from the 12 pack of summer specialities, and i thought it'd be interesting to catalog the different microbrew beers i tried (and circumstances thereunder) during july. so here goes:

beer in my fridge:

when i'm at home, these are probably what you'd find if you looked for cold one: the contents of a samuel adams summer sampler 12-pack that contains 2 bottles of each:

boston lager
boston ale
pale ale
cherry wheat
summer ale

of those 6 selections, my personal favorite is the cherry wheat.

dark star orchestra/tea leaf green concerts on governors island:

magic hat number 9
magic hat circus

i did a post on these magic hat "concert" beers.

road trip to vermont:

long trail double bag. this was supposed to celebrate but, instead, commiserated my dnf at the vermont 100.

sea dog wild blueberry wheat ale. this one harkened back to the road trip to maine for pineland farm trail run - where i had a sea dog apricot ale!

road trip to new hampshire:

harpoon ufo (unfiltered offering) raspberry hefeweizen. continuing in my fruit themed beer mode, i tried one during dinner when we drove katie up to camp.

otter creek white sail (belgian style white). another dinner selection from that same meal.

laurence fishburne in thurgood:

rogue: dead guy ale (a "steal" at only $3 per bottle at a deli just off 42nd street)! i had this one pre-theatre, while waiting for pat to meet me.

bruce springsteen concert at giants stadium:

some good old fashioned guiness (unfortunately, out of a lousy can - and, at $8.25 each, even more unattactive)!

last but not least - and not even a beer at that - i had a bottle of 2002 lacrimus crianza rioja from spain mid-month (for something a little different). a great wine, if extremely dry. it's a startling change from the big fruity zinfandels i prefer to drink.


AnthonyP said...

Wow. You certainly went for variety.

Just_because_today said...

I just want to know how they come up with those unique names!

rundangerously said...

anthony, we have to go try a few in nyc!

myriam, i bet those they come up w/the names after so serious tasting sessions ;)

Laura said...

Sounds like we have similar drinking taste - I too love the fruity and light beers and wines. You should try Allagash White, a Belgian-style beer made in Maine.

rundangerously said...

laura, on the road trip to maine i had a allagash cask conditioned #4 at the great lost bear!! it was awesome. i just added a link to that earlier post.

Viper said...

Thanks, you just made me thirsty. Nice variety. I love most of the Rogue beers.

rundangerously said...


great minds "taste" alike. my friend todd and i checked out a rogue beer tasting at the blind tiger ale house a few months ago:

Go Annie said...

rd, that summer ale looks good! i just got home from the gym and that image is making me really thirsty.

i also like zins a lot too. i'm not a big cab fan, because i find most of them too dry for me. what did the lacrimus crianza rioja taste like? was it a cross between a merlot and a cab?

rundangerously said...

hi annie!

yeah for another zin fan!

that rioja is made primarily with tempranillo grapes, which have a pretty unique flavor.

i don't remember too much about it b/c it wasn't a wine i purchased (a gift from my mom, of all people!) and drank it about 3 weeks ago.

it was aged (2002) so no rough edges. it didn't remind me of merlot (merlot softer), but was closer in style to a cab. it had a nice backbone and strong kick. i did enjoy it for the change of pace.