Saturday, July 12, 2008

magic hat beer interlude

i just can't resist posting this bit about magic hat beer - the principle beer provider at the concert (actually, for those determined few, some buds were also available).

the light version, "circus boy," of the two varities of magic hat on tap last night.

"numeber 9," the darker - hardier choice from magic hat!

and, the it's a small world moment: the only other magic hat beer i've tried - "jinx" - was in north carolina w/my sister-in-law, amy. and, that is where pat and katie are right now - in north carlonia, with amy!

one more, small world moment: tuesday night, after the waveny xc relay, joe was drinking magic hat "9's" and offered me one. i declined b/c katie and were just about to head out for the drive home!

finally, in one of those, it's not an all magic hat world - i'm drinking a sam adam's cherry wheat right now, as i put this post together :D


Scott said...

#9. Good stuff.

Fishmagic said...

I spent the week drinking Dogfish Head 60 minute IPAs and their Pale Ale. If you're ever in rehoboth Beach, check them out.

rundangerously said...

scott, i passed on #9 at new canaan since i was the designated driver - but made up for it on governors island :D

kurt, i will definitely try those dogfish ales!

Rex Remes said...

Magic Hat #9 is delicious.

Hey ... I was recently watching an old episode of That 70's Show, and I think they were drinking this on the show. Anyone seen that??