Wednesday, July 2, 2008

phedippidations worldwide half marathon challenge: staten island half marathon

following up on the letters & opinions june north/south mileage challenge, i decided to join team l and o team for the phedippiations worldwide half marathon challenge. this october 11-12, runners from across the globe will run a half marathon race (or cover the 13.1 mile distance on their own) and post the results on-line.

each registered runner gets a "bib number" and can run individually, or as part of a team. my bib number is 344 and, i joined team l and o. while i generally don't like to plan too far ahead, it works out the staten island half marathon on october 12, fits perfectly in my tentative plans for october! there is also a 5k challenge for those who don't want to run a half marathon.

the half marathon challenge is similar to the nike human race 10k, set for august 31. i'm tempted to register for that one as well because, in new york city, the race will be held on randall's island. but my plans for the last weekend in august are still up in the air.

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Fishmagic said...

Cool idea. Just might have to do it.