Friday, July 25, 2008

terrorism in bangalore, india

only 2 months ago i posted on the cowardly act of terror in jaipur, india, that killed over 60 people. sadly, terrorism returned to india this morning. it again reared its ugly, cowardly, head with a series of 7 small bombs that exploded across the city of bangalore. early news reports are of at least one death and at least 15 people wounded.

as i mentioned in my jaipur post, normally this blog isn't the place for news reports. but, as with the jaipur post (a city that i had just visited), i'm posting this new item because of a personal connection - a good friend of mine, vishnu, and his family, live in bangalore. this city has become the silicon valley of india - with its high concentration of technology related businesses.

coincidentally, in a running related connection, bangalore hosted its first ultras last december. not only was it a success, but the events sold out! this year the races have been moved up a month, to november.

UPDATE: the bbc reported the day after the bombing, an unexploded eigth bomb was discovered and defused by the police. in addition, a second victim died as a result of the terrorism.

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