Tuesday, July 15, 2008

phil lesh and friends at jones beach: a few more photos

the crew: rob, me, paul, cheryl, and emmy!

just hanging loose w/chris and rob :D

animated conversations w/chris and rob.

cheryl and paul, kicking back :)

me and rob.

time to head inside for the show!

emmy's great shot of the moon coming out at sunset!

phil and friends in action

greene/campbell and those hard driving guitar riffs. . .
they gave this phil show an entirely new sound and feel!

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CTmarathoner said...

so glad that you displayed my 'july moon' shot --what a fun concert bonus to have a backdrop like the moon over Jones beach on a july night --too bad that the police took away most of the marketers...at least I bought myself a purple necklace (and could have bought a tye-dyed 'ritchie' hat) in a hidden corner of the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Molitz doesnt play guitar fool, he is on the keys!!

rundangerously said...

thanks for catching the typo!