Sunday, July 27, 2008

new york city half marathon: photos and results

mary wittenburg about to announce the winners.

well, my second race of the weekend is in the books! what a blast the nyc half marathon was this morning. the short version, i squeaked in just under 2 hours, with a 1:59:41, 9:08 pace. will write-up a race report and post it tonight (or tomorrow). i took plenty of pictures during the second half (post-central park) portion of the race. i only took a couple in the park because of a battery malfunction. details in the race report. pictures first :D

emmy and pam, pre-race.

craig and me, pre-race.

at the start in central park.

at the start (then my batteries died).

emmy and greg on central park south.
emmy saved the day with fresh batteries!

leaving central park.

down seventh avenue.

down seventh avenue.

looking north on seventh avenue.


just about to turn onto 42nd street.

42nd street!

looking north from 42nd street.

water stop along 42nd street.

music as we turned off 42nd street
and started down the west side highway.

running down the west side highway.

along the west side highway.

approaching the finish!

just past the finish line!

chip returns, wet towels, and water coming up.

baggage - a lot more organized than it looks!

collecting my bag at the finish.

eric, craig, greg, and me at the finish in battery park.

greg, emmy, eric, and craig.

emmy and jenny.

official results at new york road runners.

check out my world lung foundation team photos.


Zoooma said...

I now have a new reason to really work on becoming a long distance runner -- to run in a race like this in my beloved NYC!

Great pics, my friend!

Have a Grateful Week!!!

Pam said...

Great pics! I'll get you my rr tomorrow. See you in 2 weeks.

Ronster said...

Great pictorial account of two great races...Talk about weekend warriors! You guys run more than I can imagine!

Laura said...

Were you the only one wearing that t-shirt? I thought I saw two people wearing them. Totally didn't realize it was you!!! Great job though :)

Greg said...

Great shots! Loved the one on 7th of you taking a pic of the cameraman taking a pic of you! Incredible mileage! Glad we got to meet up.

rundangerously said...

thanks chris! definitely give a heads up when you get yourself back to nyc! i'll even go to mets game w/you :D

great rr pam!

thanks ron! in my next career, i want to be a cameraman/reporter :)

laura - looked for you both times we went by the south end of the park! where were you volunteering?

thanks greg! that guy returned the favor by having us pose for a (brightroom?) picture right after i took that one!

Laura said...

Frank, I actually ended up a little before the southern point... I was just after the 1/7 mile markers at 65 street on the east side. Will post a spectator's report tonight.

ShoreTurtle said...

Congrats on your race. Great photos! This race was worth carrying a camera.

rundangerously said...

thanks shoreturtle! those fresh batteries save the day - otherwise it would just have been dead weight :(