Friday, July 11, 2008

steve miller band at radio city music hall, photos and setlist

after joe cocker opened, steve miller and his band came on to a stripped down stage and proceeded to take the audience to "swingtown!" not just open his show with that tune, but literally head out a tour de force all the major music venues - rock (duh), country, blues, and rap (seriously). all the while, steve miller made guitar changes with practically every number, and introduced their newest band member, sonny, who spent most of his time on stage (when he wasn't signing the blues) dancing like a whirling dervish!

the highlight of the show, for me, was the incredibly tripped out "fly like an eagle!" first off, it as that number that triggered the light show, which could be described as liquid psychedelia - where colors streamed up and down the backdrop! plus, mid-way thru the song, the keyboardist came down to the front of the stage and began to rap the lyrics! there were a couple of boos from the hard-core purists who didn't want the tune tampered with. but i, for one, thought it was a great twist to an opt-heard (on the radio) classic!

then, there was steve's playing of the double neck guiter - shades of jimmy page! and i was probably hallucinating, but i could have sworn they ran through the chords of stairway to heaven! probably wishful daydreaming :D

miller, sonny charles, and norman buffalo.

all in all, it was a terrific concert! would definitely go see steve miller in again!


living in the usa,
space cowboy,
nobody loves you,
mercury blues,
hey bo diddley,
pretty thing,
boom bopa boom,
fly like an eagle,
wild mountain honey,
dance dance dance,
rock n' me,
the joker,
jet airliner,


take the money & run,
jungle love

check out the additional photos.


peter said...

And I don't let my friends get hurt

All you back room schemers, small trip dreamers

Better find something new to say

Cause you're the same old story

It's the same old crime

And you got some heavy dues to pay

yeah yeah, Space Cowboy. What a trip that concert must have been!

DawnB said...

Yes Frank I'll be at the 7 miler. last year the course change can't remember why

rundangerously said...

peter, his "fly like an eagle" was the most amazing performance. when his keyboardist stepped down and started rapping the lyrics i was blown away!

but the most impressive thing about miller, his great guitar skills. never realized how accomplished he was until i heard him reeling off those solos!

i've gotten seriously reinterested in his music as a result of that concert!

dawn, i can't believe i missed the 7 miler! i just couldn't drag myself out of bed after miller/dso back to back :(

the meek shall inherit the earth said...

after reading your comments , probably more curious when he is hitting our country on 10 october, Antwerp belgium
saw him 30 years back at our festivak Torhout - Werchter and still enjoying him.
thx folks over there