Saturday, July 12, 2008

dark star orchestra at governors island: review, photos and setlist

dark star orchestra taking the stage on governors island.

for the trip over to governors island, photos, setlist, and coverage of the opening act, tea leaf green, check out my earlier post.

while i looked forward to this show, and especially the unique venue, i will admit - right upfront - that i didn't think dso could, or would, put on a better show than the one we went in may, at westbury! it was my second dso show and they did the dead's november 1, 1973, concert. my first dso show, may 13, 2006, featured an original setlist.

at the nokia show i hung out with my very good friend paul. but, even though we'd been at many of the same shows during the subsequent two years (lesh, ratdog, dso, et cetera), we never managed to meet up at those venues! well tonight we finally managed to hook up again!

paul also wrote up an excellent guest post of the ratdog show at the beacon last april!

me and paul - hopefully we will see each other again, tomorrow, at jones beach for the phil lesh show!

emmy and paul. beer? while i was drinking a magic hat "#9" and emmy opted for a "circus boy," paul treated me to a man's shot of southern comfort! straight up for me, w/diet coke for him!

the surprise tune of the night, without a doubt, was "sunrise!" rarely played by the dead themselves, it was a first for dso!

still, my favorite set one tune was "ramble on rose."

other first set highlights included "cassidy" and "estimated prophet"

while the second set kicked off with "dancing in the streets" and "brown-eyed women," overall it was a let-down. "playing in the band" went into drums (nothing brings me down faster than an endless space and/or drums segment killing the mood) and came out the other side - excuse the pun - with "the other one." despite the solid "other one," it made our decision to grab the 10:30 ferry back easier.

later, i found out we only missed "comes a time," the "playin" reprise, and an encore of "brokedown palace." so no regrets whatsoever for catching the earlier ferry.

while it was a solid show (especially the first set), dso should have come up w/a more inspired setlist for this special venue. i really can't imagine how awesome a "terrapin station" played under the clear skies on a beautiful island setting in the middle of new york harbor would have sounded!

dso setlist/ original dead show: may 5, 1977 - the palladium (new york city)

first set: might as well, el paso, ramble on rose, cassidy, they love each other, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, it must have been the roses, estimated prophet, tennessee jed, sunrise, samson & deliliah

second set: dancin in the streets > brown eyed women, playin> drums> the other one> comes a time > playin

encore: brokedown palace


Fishmagic said...

DSO played in York, PA a few months ago. Closest they have ever been to me. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.

rundangerously said...

kurt, if dso makes it w/in driving distance of you - don't miss 'em! they put on great shows (and i'm one of the few fans that dig their original setlists - yikes)!

Anonymous said...

I would be kickin myself if I missed the end of that show. DSO on Brokedown is excellent.