Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 NYRR Long Training Run #1 - 15 Miler

This morning I ran the NYRR Long Training Run #1 - coincidentally, I volunteered at this race last summer.  It was my was my 6th NYRR race of the year, albeit a non-qualifying (and non-scored) one.  So I still need 4 more races +1 to qualify for the 2017 NYC Marathon.

This run was originally planned as a 20 miler - but yesterday it was announced that the oppressive weather conditions had it shortened to a 15 miler.  I had mixed feelings about that since I wanted to run the full 20 - but this morning I was more than satisfied with the 15 miles.  It was pretty tough out there.  In the 3/4 miles from train to baggage to corral - I was already drenched in sweat!

So the 2:12:24, 8:39 pace, on my Strava was pretty surprising!  Even more so was the total distance clocked in at 15.3 miles!  Interestingly, the run was set to be called at 9:30 (again because of the heat and humidity).  But, as I was approaching the finish, the announcer was already alerting runners that the race was officially called (20 minutes early).  Be that as it may (and probably the right call) - this event didn't close out - and from the look at the start, a few participates may have opted to skip it entirely :O

Before :O

After :D

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 Norwalk Summer Series 7 Miler: Race Photos & Results

Soupy, humid (but surprisingly cooler) conditions for the Norwalk Summer Series 7 Miler this morning.  After the first mile or so, felt like running underwater for the rest of the race! I was just able to squeak in under 54 minutes with a 53:59, 7:43 pace :D

Next up is the 9 Miler on July 29th.  That one is a bit tricky for me because the next day is the Escarpment Trail Run!  I've only done that back to back duo once - and really on the fence about trying it again :O

Here are the official results from Lightfoot Runners.

Thanks again to Tony for the great photo of the start!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017 Taconic Road Runners Putnam County Classic: Race Photos & Results


Fantastic weather for the Putnam County Classic this morning.  The classic, now more than 40 years strong, is an 8 mile loop of Lake Mahopac.  Instead of the wet, sticky, humid conditions that normally hang over this 4th of July race, it was unseasonably cool and dry!  There were just under 350 finishers!

I didn't run it this year, instead volunteered :D

Here are the official results from Taconic Road Runners.

and, better still, here are the TRRC race photos!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 2017 Race Schedule

July kicked off yesterday - with the second race in the Norwalk Summer Series, the 5 Miler!  It was a soupy morning to run any distance - but typical July weather :O

The 4th of July is the Putnam County Classic 8 Miler.  It's a Taconic RR race, which like most years, I will be volunteering at (especially food prep) - instead of running :D

The other races on this month's schedule that I'm registered for include two more Summer Series races in Norwalk.  The 7 Miler on 7/15 and the 9 Miler on 7/29.  I'm a bit concerned about doing the 9 Miler because it's the day before the Escarpment Trail Run!  I've done that combo once before (maybe a decade ago) - and it made running the Escarpment a wee bit tougher than it needed to be!  So I'm, reluctantly, on the fence about the 9 Miler this year.

A pair of Central Park races are on deck this month as well.  For fun is the silly Underwear Run, a 1.7 mile loop of the lower park, on Friday night 7/14.  It's actually part of the kickoff for the 2017 edition of the NYC Tri (which I'm not doing).  The second Central Park race is also at night, the NYRR R-U-N 5K (also an unusual distance for NYRR/Central Park).

Aside from those races, I'm also hoping to run (finally) the B.U.S. PJ Run on Saturday night 7/22.  I've wanted to participate in this one for years - but I wasn't able to swing it.  This year it looks doable! 

Here's how it looks so far:

7/1 - Norwalk 5 Miler
7/4 - Putnam County Classic [volunteer]
7/14 - Underwear Run, 1.7M
7/15 - Norwalk 7 Miler
7/22 - B.U.S. PJ Run (6 Hour)
7/29 - Norwalk 9 Miler
7/30 - Escarpment Trail Run, 30K

As always, if you're at any of them - say hello!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 Norwalk Summer Series 5 Miler: Race Photos & Results

Hot, humid morning for the second race in the 2017 Norwalk Summer Series.  The 5 miler is also the 2nd and last full loop course of the series.  The remaining courses all include double loop variations. 
This was my 3rd 5 Miler in a month - and came close (but no cigar), in being the fastest.  But the perfect weather conditions and Central Park gave me a 38:08 at the Retro 5 Miler that kicked off the month of June.  But my 38:25 this morning was a solid 2 minutes faster than the 40:29 at the rain soaked Front Runners LBGT Pride Run last week :D
I'm happy with all of them!
Here are the official results from Lightfoot Runners.  Next race in the Summer Series, the 7 Miler, is on July 15.