Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 NYRR Long Training Run #1 - 15 Miler

This morning I ran the NYRR Long Training Run #1 - coincidentally, I volunteered at this race last summer.  It was my was my 6th NYRR race of the year, albeit a non-qualifying (and non-scored) one.  So I still need 4 more races +1 to qualify for the 2017 NYC Marathon.

This run was originally planned as a 20 miler - but yesterday it was announced that the oppressive weather conditions had it shortened to a 15 miler.  I had mixed feelings about that since I wanted to run the full 20 - but this morning I was more than satisfied with the 15 miles.  It was pretty tough out there.  In the 3/4 miles from train to baggage to corral - I was already drenched in sweat!

So the 2:12:24, 8:39 pace, on my Strava was pretty surprising!  Even more so was the total distance clocked in at 15.3 miles!  Interestingly, the run was set to be called at 9:30 (again because of the heat and humidity).  But, as I was approaching the finish, the announcer was already alerting runners that the race was officially called (20 minutes early).  Be that as it may (and probably the right call) - this event didn't close out - and from the look at the start, a few participates may have opted to skip it entirely :O

Before :O

After :D

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