Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pirate Radio Stations Verified Certificate from L'Associazione Italiana Radioascolto (L'A.I.R.)

Yesterday I received my Certificate from L'Associazione Italiana Radioascolto (roughly translated, the Italian Radio Listeners Association) for having verified reception of 30 or more pirate radio stations!  It was the 3rd of the 4 levels of recognition, in terms of the number of stations heard and verified (10, 30, 50 and 100 stations).  Of my 30 submissions, one-third (10) are North American pirate broadcasters.  The remaining two-thirds (20+) are European pirates (mostly from the Netherlands) logged via the SDR at the University of Twente.

Hopefully, in a few more weeks I'll reach the 2nd level (50 or more) - but it will be a long time before I come close to verifying 100 pirate broadcasters!

Thank you Fiorenzo for processing my diploma!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Radio Batavia" Netherlands shortwave pirate radio 3930 khz (via SDR) eQSL


This great eQSL arrived within the hour of submitting a reception report to Radio Batavia this afternoon.  But the bigger surprise was the on-air shout out to me from Radio Batavia!  That was fun to hear!  I tuned in to their broadcast, from the Netherlands, on 3930 kHz, via the SDR at Twente.  In addition to the eQSL, the rather psychedelic image was included (together with a pictured from their station set-up).

Thank you Radio Batavia!

Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" Album released 40 years ago today!

It's hard to believe today marks the 40th anniversary of the release of "Born to Run."  While that poster isn't the (ubiquitous) album cover - it symbolizes the not just the album, but everything Springsteen of the 1970's.  The Springsteen of the 1980's and beyond is a different story, and could occupy the musings of an entirely separate post .  I had that particular poster on my bedroom wall and every dorm room that I ever occupied.

Growing up in Sheepshead Bay back then, most of the kids I hung out would easily have included Bruce in their pantheon of rock gods.  Regardless of where you branched out with your musical interests, he was pretty much the common denominator of all things "cool" or so we liked to believe. 

While I loved the song itself, my favorite Bruce tune was a tie between "Thunder Road" (also on that album) and "Spirit in the Night" (from his first album, "Greetings from Asbury Park").  Even today, after all the years, those two song most encapsulate Springsteen in my memories.

Anyway, today is a great reason to listen to some old Bruce tunes!

Happy Anniversary :D

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Radio Free Bandidos" Italian shortwave pirate radio 6850 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This great eQSL arrived within hours of the reception report I sent to Radio Free Bandidos!  I heard them on 6850 kHz (typo on the eQSL) broadcasting from Italy, via the SDR at Twente. Programming consisted of some good country western music - including a cover of "These Boots are made for Walking!"

Thanks Wes!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 Norwalk summer series 11 miler: race photos & results

It really seemed that todays summer series 11 miler was my first race of the summer (and the last official race of the Norwalk summer series)!  Aside from the Escarpment Trail Run the last week July, and the Masters Challenge 5k (that same week), I haven't raced since the beginning of June.  I can't remember a summer (injured or otherwise) that I logged so few miles and run so few races!  Hopefully, what's left of the summer will be a bit more productive.

As for the 11 miler, I squeaked in under my goal (aside from actually finishing) of 1:30 (the 1:29:29, 8:08 pace, was good enough for 4th place in my age group).  But I was well off a sub 1:28 (and keeping the overall pace under 8 minutes a mile).  Interestingly, I ran a solid negative split for the second loop.  That was more a reflection of my conservative approach to the first loop than any real effort to pick up the pace the second time around.

All in all, including the Cherry Garcia ice cream at the finish, it was a great morning to be out on the roads!

Here are the race results from Lightfoot Road Runners.

"Radio Voyager" Italian shortwave pirate radio 6950 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This fantastic eQSL arrived this morning from Radio Voyager!  I heard Radio Voyager broadcasting classical and jazz music last night on 6950 kHz, from Italy, via the SDR at Twente - not your typical programming from pirate radio!

Thanks Denny! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

"Radio Nova 4" Netherlands medium wave pirate radio 1620 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This eQSL arrived less than an hour ago - and I heard Radio Nova 4 for the first time, this morning, on 1620 kHz, via the SDR at Twente.  Not only was the eQSL a surprise, but so too was the log of Radio Nova 4 - which I heard at the office, while I took a short break from work-related matters!

Thank you Radio Nova 4!