Saturday, July 4, 2015

joey chestnut defeated by matt stonie at nathan's hot dog eating contest

the Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest is a regular part of my 4th of July -- and watching joey chestnut win it was almost an automatic bet... until today!!  Instead of garnering his ninth consecutive mustard belt, he lost to matt stonie by 2 hot dogs (60-62)!  stonie, no newcomer to hot dog eating (he took second place to joey last summer) - at one more hot dog than chestnut did last year, while joey was one short of the 61 he ate in 2013.  neither one came close to joey's all time best - 69 hot dogs.  that record may stand for a few more years!

i last posted about this annual event back in 2009 - it was joey chestnut's 3 mustard belt that year (and he downed 68 dogs).  now we have a great re-match to look forward to in 2016!!  it will be even more fantastic if kobayashi got back into the mix!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"radio free whatever" 6950 khz usb pirate radio eQSL

here is the newest pirate eQSL- from "radio free whatever" - via, of all places, HF Underground, a great online shortwave pirate radio forum!  by way of background, HFU is fantastic resource for anyone interested in pirate radio broadcasts.  one essential feature is the discussion forum devoted to current pirate logs - where listeners share information about what stations are currently on the air.  the posts generally include reception reports - and are frequented by the very broadcasters being discussed and reported.

so back to "radio free whatever" a station i logged over memorial day weekend and again a week later on june 6.  while i received an email verification, there was no eQSL.  I've logged it before and since, but those were the only two reports i submitted.  yesterday, dick, the radio free whatever DJ replied to a forum post asking about his eQSL policy:

"We did E-QSL for a while but we got behind a little over a year ago and haven't since. We used to do nice personalized QSLs but it got tedious to do a dozen or so after least for me Mr. A.D.D. So I asked Assistant Stavin to do it. After all, HES THE FRIGGIN ASSISTANT. I produce each show myself in the studio. I spend hours listening and flagging new tunes to share on RFW. Surely just doing the QSLs would be an ok chore for Stavin...but then his computer crashed and then he got incarcerated, and then he had some mini strokes, and then he had biblical leprosy, uh herpes, I mean um...SHINGLES. Yada Yada Yada, one excuse after another. Yeah so he won't do them. I'm tired of disappointing people over the QSL thing so I have an idea. Maybe I can post a generic QSL on here for each show y'all can download. It's a hell of a lot easier to make one than like 10 or more per show."

not only was it a great (and sincere) reply, but it's also a great idea.  since this hobby is built on the honor system, anyone who would "claim" a generic QSL for a station that wasn't actually logged (putting aside the question of "unidentified" for this purpose), is pretty lame.  so dick's idea to post a generic jpg goes a long way toward satisfying the demand for QSLs when a station is faced with limited resources.  this could cover most broadcasts, with personalized QSLs issued for special broadcasts/events.

just saying...

as for me - this eQSL is pirate number 6

july 2015 race schedule

it seems decidedly strange to post a race schedule when i haven't run 1 step in the last two weeks - and still have one more week on the sidelines, per doctor's orders, following my cataract surgery! still, i'm ever hopeful about lacing up and getting back on the roads to run (and eventually, race) again.  next wednesday, the 8th, i can officially return to running - and will probably celebrate with a few laps around the high school track! 

my goal for the remaining weeks this month, leading up to the escarpment trail run on sunday the 26th, is to simply rebuild some base mileage and endurance.  finishing escarpment at the end of the month, despite the 3 week hiatus from running and training, is my objective :D

along the way i hope to get in a few short races - the more ambitious target is the norwalk summer series 5 miler on the 11th (i'll see how things stand after on friday, after a couple of running days back).  but the westport summer series 3.8 miler the following weekend is probably a more realistic first race, post-surgery.

i'd also like to get in the masters challenge 5k on the 22nd - and test out my newly restored night vision on the drive home from fdr park!  that's one of the major benefits from the cataract surgery :D

so, on a purely provisional basis, here's how it looks so far:

7/11 - norwalk summer series 5 miler
7/18 - westport summer series 3.8 miler
7/22 - masters challenge 5k
7/26 - escarpment trail run 30k

as always, if you're at any of these - say hello!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"free thinker radio" shortwave pirate eQSL

received this great eQSL from "free thinker radio" - from a broadcast last week on 6925 kHz - over a pirate relay station.  that was a tape of an earlier show.  what was more fun was hearing "free thinker radio" broadcast over WBCQ, 9955 kHz shortwave on sunday night!

it's not too often one can log a pirate and legit broadcast of the same station in very the same week! that was something new for me!

thanks for both broadcasts "free thinker radio!"


This is my 5th eQSL from a pirate radio station in the last month!

"boom box radio"
"the crystal ship"
"voice of pearl harbor,"
and "shortwave ghost"

Pirate radio is alive and well on the shortwaves!

Monday, June 29, 2015

still no post-surgery running, another week+ to go -- argh!

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last run.  I ran 5+ miles on Tuesday, June 16, the day before the cataract surgery on my right eye.  The following Wednesday the left eye was operated on.  Both surgeries went well, but the prescribed post-op inactivity is driving me nuts (ironic in the sense that i'm still not cleared to drive - haha).

The doctor wants me to wait two weeks until I can get back to running again (which pretty much means nothing faster than walking until next Wednesday).  And the first few runs should be on the track (or treadmill) until I get back in the groove of things.  He has a pretty conservative view about exercising after the surgery (but who am I to quibble since I still have 1 suture in the right eye and 2 in the left that need to be removed).

Tomorrow I head back to the doctor's office for a follow-up visit and new the temporary eyeglass prescription.  My near vision has been completely corrected, but I'll still need to wear glasses for distance.  It'll still be a few more weeks before I'll be ready for a final prescription (as the eyes continue to heal and adjust), but in the short term... I'll be able to drive again :D

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"boom box radio" pirate radio testing on 6925 khz - eQSL

Last night I heard "Boom Box Radio" testing on 6925 kHz.  It came in loud and clear with a tape from an earlier show broadcast.  Part of the station ID coming out of a rap song at the bottom of the hour included the promo, "I come up here every Saturday night [which would have been tomorrow night] and play what I want...."  Just after the start of their next song the signal dropped and I lost the audio -- they literally pulled the plug on the transmission/test!

I emailed a clip of the reception and got back this excellent eQSL from DJ LT a little while later! 

Thanks DJ LT - both for the eQSL and broadcast!!


This is my 4th eQSL from a pirate radio station in the last month!

"the crystal ship"
"voice of pearl harbor," and
"shortwave ghost"

Pirate radio is alive and well on the shortwaves!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

bbc world service special mid-winter broadcast to antarctica

Last weekend (sunday, june 21) the BBC broadcast a special half hour program specifically for the handful of individuals stationed in Antarctica (the British Antarctic Survey).  The annual mid-winter (local) broadcast happened to coincide with our summer solstice :D

The short clip (just under 3 minutes) is the end of the program, highlighted by "Baby It's Cold Out There" sung to conclude the transmission.  Apologies in advance for the poor audio.  This clip was included in the SWLing Post's, "Listening Across the Globe: 2015 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast," which collected clips of various receptions of the broadcast around the world!

The full broadcast can be heard, directly, via the BBC (however, it will only remain available for 30 days).