Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 2017 Race Schedule

July kicked off yesterday - with the second race in the Norwalk Summer Series, the 5 Miler!  It was a soupy morning to run any distance - but typical July weather :O

The 4th of July is the Putnam County Classic 8 Miler.  It's a Taconic RR race, which like most years, I will be volunteering at (especially food prep) - instead of running :D

The other races on this month's schedule that I'm registered for include two more Summer Series races in Norwalk.  The 7 Miler on 7/15 and the 9 Miler on 7/29.  I'm a bit concerned about doing the 9 Miler because it's the day before the Escarpment Trail Run!  I've done that combo once before (maybe a decade ago) - and it made running the Escarpment a wee bit tougher than it needed to be!  So I'm, reluctantly, on the fence about the 9 Miler this year.

A pair of Central Park races are on deck this month as well.  For fun is the silly Underwear Run, a 1.7 mile loop of the lower park, on Friday night 7/14.  It's actually part of the kickoff for the 2017 edition of the NYC Tri (which I'm not doing).  The second Central Park race is also at night, the NYRR R-U-N 5K (also an unusual distance for NYRR/Central Park).

Aside from those races, I'm also hoping to run (finally) the B.U.S. PJ Run on Saturday night 7/22.  I've wanted to participate in this one for years - but I wasn't able to swing it.  This year it looks doable! 

Here's how it looks so far:

7/1 - Norwalk 5 Miler
7/4 - Putnam County Classic [volunteer]
7/14 - Underwear Run, 1.7M
7/15 - Norwalk 7 Miler
7/22 - B.U.S. PJ Run (6 Hour)
7/29 - Norwalk 9 Miler
7/30 - Escarpment Trail Run, 30K

As always, if you're at any of them - say hello!

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RF said...

Hi Frank,
It sounds like a great plan.
I hope to show up on a few of the same races:

7/4 Putnam Classic
7/22 BUS PJ Run
7/27 NYRR 5K in CP
7/29 Norwalk 9 miler

Let's see how many of them I can make.

Happy Running!