Wednesday, July 23, 2008

greetings from new hampshire!

newfound lake, new hampshire

greetings from ashland, new hampshire! we drove up here last night and this morning we'll drop katie off at her summer camp! this will be her 4th summer at newfound lake which, coincidently, is the very lake the new hampshire marathon course does a loop of in early october.

on the running front, i just finished up a hilly 4 miler here in ashland. that follows up on the easy (a/k/a flat) 4 miler i ran yesterday after work and just before the drive here. i couldn't run on sunday because the chaffing from vermont was still raw, but i also took monday off as well because my legs were still in full blown recovery mode! i'll probably do another easy 4 miles tomorrow (thursday), but the main event kicks off friday night!

once again, will line up for the 24 hour around the lake ultra in wakefield, ma, this weekend. and then the mad dash to drive home saturday night for the nyc half marathon on sunday (which i'm still on fence about running - but will be there to cheer on the world lung foundation team). more on both of these events later.

right now we have to check out of this hotel and deposit katie along with her trunkload of gear at camp!


Bert said...

I hope Katie is having a fantastic time at camp! Our boys enjoyed that same experience when they were younger, even became counselors (not sure if that is the right spelling...) Ashland NH looks like a spectacular area! Sorry to hear about Vermont, you'll do better next time no doubt. Superb pics though!

Scott said...

You're crazy... How do you run so much?

rundangerously said...

thanks bert! katie loves that camp, and i'd bet she'd go back as a counsellor some day!

about vt, it just wasn't in the cards for me last week :(

scott, i run to eat. the more miles i get in, the more calories i can consume ;)