Tuesday, July 22, 2008

jgb band (jerry garcia band) featuring melvin seals and stu allen at sullivan hall: guest post

i'm very happy to post my good friend paul's mini-review of the jgb band ("jerry garcia band"), featuring melvin seals and stu allen at sullivan hall in new york city saturday night. i missed this show because i was in vermont for the 100 miler saturday night.

in a strange coincidence, paul's last guest post here, of the sold out pair of ratdog shows at the beacon theatre last april, was of two shows i missed because i was in north carolina, also for a 100 miler! no reflection on paul, i didn't finish either of those two 100 milers :(

more recently, paul was at the dark star orchestra show on governors island and the phil lesh and friends show at jones beach with emmy, rob and me. paul was also at the dso show at westbury in may, but we didn't get a chance to meet up with him at that venue.

after checking out his review, don't pass up the podcast of the show itself!

Hey Frank, Don't have time to write up a full-blown review, but here's the quickie...

JGB was a blast Saturday night. Crowd was surprisingly large, about 3/4 of the place full, lots of people dancing:)Sound was crystal clear.

1st set (11:10pm - 12:20am)

Cats Down Under the Stars
Sugaree (sweet, slow jam)
Knockin on Heaven's Door (alternated back and forth between traditional arrangement and Reggae)
Let It Rock
Lay Down Sally

Those 5 tunes took 70 minutes, averaging out to 14 minutes per! Every song was jammed out to the max:)

2nd set (1am - 2:20am)

Bright Side of the Road (bright and cheery, great set opener)
Waiting for a Miracle
Russian Lullabye
Ruben & Cherise (best jam of the night!)
Lucky Ol Sun
Sisters & Brothers
After Midnight >
Eleanor Rigby
Jam >
After Midnight

Encore: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Overall well played and very enjoyable show. My personal opinion of the song selection is I would have liked more upbeat, danceable tunes as opposed to the many slow ballads.

See ya

check out the podcast of the show!

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CTmarathoner said...

nice review, Paul. Sounds like a good concert ..really cool blue and red candle poster and photos.
Wow, what a coincidence about the concert/100 miler conflict --let's hope that Paul doesn't go to any concerts next time you do a 100:)