Tuesday, July 1, 2008

june recap: mileage and races

as a result of the june north/south mileage challenge at the "letters and opinions" runners world on-line forum, i decided to recap my june mileage stats. it's easy enough to do since i started using the running ahead on-line training log to record the data. i just added the mileage widget to the sidebar!

i logged a total of 241.7 miles for june (27 running days out of 30). june is well below my 2008 high of 307.9 miles logged in march, and well above the low of 190.3 miles run the prior month, may. i finished the first half of the year, as of june 30, with 1,410.2 miles.

i ran 6 races in june, from 1 mile (w/katie) to 50 miles, with a trail marathon to kick off the month. the june races totalled 98.5 miles, almost half of all my june miles. for the first half of the year, i ran 28 races. the 2008 races totalled 490.8 miles, almost one-third of my first half mileage.

looking ahead, while i'm a bit short of 1,500 miles at the half-way point, i'll try to finish the year with 3,000 total miles.

update: results of the l & o north/south challenge:

North 22879.41 total miles (200 of 216 posted = 92.5%)

South 24229.67 total miles (204 of 218 posted miles = 93.6%)

Congratulations to Team South!!


Scott said...

Man, that's a lot of miles! Good deal. I fell well short of a 1,000 for the mid year point (880). My goal is 2K for the year. Need to pick it up...

Pam said...

Simply amazing ... job well done. What comes after what comes next?

DawnB said...

way to Frank, you're having a good year.

Black Knight said...

A real running/racing june!!!! Congrats. I cannot imagine what you will do in this whole year.

rundangerously said...

thanks scott! plenty of time to get up to 2,000 - stay strong!

thanks pam. next up is switching over to speed work ;)

thanks dawn!

thanks stefano!

AnthonyP said...

Dude, your mileage is hugh for the year.

Join us at Rockefeller on Saturday at 8:45 AM for a group run. Brennen is coming up from NYC, and we have a few others as well.

Fishmagic said...

Impressive, you are truly running dangerously.

bill carter said...

Wow, look at those miles! My mileage is a little less than yours and I certainly know how much work it is. It is never easy to train the way we do and takes a huge commitment.

You the man.

CTmarathoner said...

3,000 total miles??? With the miles you do run, it is fun to have a goal like that --if you do hit 3,000 miles I will make you a certificate!!!

Kevin said...

Frank, you are a "Manster" half man, half monster with all the miles. (By the way, the term Manster was once applied for former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Randy White, who was a perennial all-pro).
Well done, buddy.

Go Annie said...

awesome mileage and racing rd! congrats on a fine month.

rundangerously said...

thanks anthony! heading over to westport on saturday. so will have to miss that one :(

thanks kurt!

thank bill!

thanks emmy! hope you do realize that YOU have more training and race miles than i do so far this year :D

thanks kevin!

thanks annie!