Sunday, July 20, 2008

vermont 100 endurance run: photos and results

climbing up this hill . . .

was worth it for the incredible vista at the top!!

then we came down the other side. . .

and, here, still descending that hill!

grant at aid station

emmy stretching at aid station

in front of first covered bridge

emmy at covered bridge

emmy deep in thought.

entering pretty house aid station.

doug and emmy as first horses go by.

make way for horses!

more horses...

heading out of aid station.

wayne, emmy, me, and tammy.



adam and emmy.

my stuff neatly laid out race morning...

here is link to my pre-race photos.

link to official results.

check out emmy's race photos!
check out anthony's photos and slideshow!

fast forward: here are some 2009 vermont 100 photos.


Scott said...

Awesome pics! There were some great views!

Pam said...

These pictures ALMOST make me want to try the race.

rundangerously said...

scott, taking that camera along in the fanny pack was worth the hassle!

pam, you'll be up there sooner than you think ;) and, now vermont has so many choices: a marathon, 50k, 50m, 100k, and the 100 miler!