Saturday, July 26, 2008

24 hour around the lake ultra: photos and results

here are a few photos from the 24 hour around the lake ultra, in westfield, massachusetts. i'll post a race report tomorrow. here is the short version: i ran 19 laps for 60.04 miles in about 17.5 hours. emmy ran 16 laps for 50.56 miles. we didn't stay for the entire 24 hours because emmy had to pick her son up from the airport (he returned home from a trip to guatemala) and i wanted to get a little rest before the nyc half marathon tomorrow!

a view of race staging area from across the lake.

scenic views of the lake along the course.

another beautiful vista.

downside of the course - PAVEMENT!

coming up to the second aid station.

at the start.

we had a less than prime location for our gear as the result of our late arrival (thanks to terrible friday afternoon traffic conditions)!

honey dew donut shop! more on this wonderful place in the race report!

emmy, bundled up for the chill at dawn!

5:30 a.m. - i just woke up from a half an hour power nap

andy, early saturday morning.

me (still in race), emmy (finished) and david "maine-iac" (finished).

me, out on the course.

my favorite picture! emmy finds a home-made ice bath and is soaking in it after she finished!
more on this adventure in the race report :D

link to my race report.
here are the official race results.


Laura said...

Was just coming to post "congratulations I know you haven't posted yet but you're done." But you did post! Thanks for keeping us updated so quickly, and awesome job!!!!

I'm going to be a course marshall in the southern part of Central Park tomorrow. I'll be wearing khaki capris, sneakers, and then whatever shirt they give me (not too unique, I know). Say hello and I'll cheer extra for you!

Meredith said...

you two are unstoppable! I miss Honey Dew Donuts :( I used to live not too far from there!

Bob Gentile said...

Ok you and Emmy are making feel bad... You guys are just rocking these events, wow about moving forward...Congrats !!

Bob Gentile said...

PS love the pic of Emmy in the Ice Bath--LOL

Bert said...

Great lakeside pics - congratulations on completing 60 miles (I can't even imagine running that far!) in the ultra run! You sure keep busy! Hope all went well with the NYC half marathon.

CTmarathoner said...

I am a total convert to ice baths ow --after 1/2 hour of soaking in ice-cubed water (could barely get in, so cold), I felt like I hadn't even run (well, felt better than I would have)!!! So easy, also, ---take a big garbage can,fill with bags of ice, and put in plastic chair.

Anonymous said...

That's not Brian on the far right in the Marathon Maniacs shirt ... his name is Dave.

And pavement is totally the UPSIDE of this race.

johnking said...

best picture ever!

rundangerously said...

thanks laura! i looked for you both times we hit the southern end of the park :( what's your next nyc race!

thanks meredith! honey dew donuts rule! they had boxes of them out for us at bkfst saturday morning!

thanks bob! i can't believe the stuff emmy gets herself into at races - haha!

thanks bert! survived nyc half - working on rr's now!

emmy, no way will i voluntarily get in a tub of ice - brrrr :)

good catch there, annoymous! maine-iac it is! but, to each his own about the pavement.

thanks john!