Friday, July 18, 2008

vermont 100 endurance run: pre-race photos

jim kicks off the pre-race briefing.

zeke's turn at the mike.
he's going over the course markers.

phil, tammy, me, and emmy.

dot, zeke, and yuen.

admas and fellow b.u.s members.
she's doing the 100k, after running comrades last month!

nick meets up with some old running friends.

anthony and wayne, going over race strategy.

john and me.

my pre-race weigh-in.
166 pounds - 3 lighter than last year!

emmy's medical check-in.

emmy and hugo.

pat and katie, my crew!

pat, taking care of paperwork.

katie tries a new energy drink.

base camp and the circus tents.

here is link to the race day photos.


CTmarathoner said...

hey! nice photos!! I am here on Anthony's computer --hanging out with anthony and wayne in their hysterical room (anthony took photos of the toliet!!!) -taping our feet, talking -wayne gave me some vioxx --we are having fun and too bad you guys aren't staying here --getting ready to get up at 2:30-tammy driving us to the start-see you tomm........

Pam said...

It's just about 6am on Saturday ... I'm heading out for 18 miles. You guys done yet? 2 hours is enough, right? :) Wishing you the best of luck!

Just_because_today said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!