Sunday, July 27, 2008

new york city half marathon: world lung foundation team photos

pre-race group photo

pre-race, checking stuff out...

mark and me, pre-race.

me, pam, and ilana, pre-race.

me and jose.

in action, west side highway.

emmy, pacing me, west-side highway.

pam and ilana, in action, west side highway.

post-race, battery park: waiting for team to check-in.

here is my nyc half race report (w/links to additional race reports).

more photos from the 2008 nyc half marathon.

more photos of the wlf team at the nyc half marathon.

my earlier post on world lung foundation team fundraising objectives.


Laura said...

Okay, ignore my previous dumb question - didn't realize there were so many of you! Congrats on a great finish after the Around the Lake.

rundangerously said...

thanks laura! what's your next nyc race? and good luck at sf marathon!

Laura said...

Not sure what my next NYC one is. At the latest, I'm definitely in for the Queens half in September, but I'm sure I'll do one sooner.