Thursday, July 24, 2008

katie's at summer camp!

the older girls get cabins in upper camp. this is katie's 4th summer in new hampshire, and first time bunking in upper camp.

while it doesn't look like much from this view, katie and her mom share the same packing philosophy, "too much of everything is just enough" - to borrow a phrase from the grateful dead! which is, appropriately enough, a lyric from "i need a miracle" - as in managing to fit all her stuff into the car for the trip to camp!

a better view of all her "stuff" as it waits to be unpacked and stored away in her bunk. 'though it was pointed out to me that pile did include some "stuff" that belonged to another camper! be that as it may, i think she's got enough supplies to last the month ;)

okay, now it's time for moms and dads to head home. she and her friend, reviewing their schedules, no longer need their parents around!

the view from our hotel in ashford.

i started off the day with a hilly 4 miler in and around town. after we dropped katie off, a 5 hour drive home - parts of which (mainly connecticut) included a few nasty rain squalls. but, amazingly, i made it home in time to change clothes and catch the 4:37 train into the city - and taught my wednesday night class (6-9). phew!

a long, sometimes wet, but definitely productive day!


DawnB said...

Have fun at camp Katie!!

I got soaked this morning!!!

Scott said...

I loved camp as a kid. I'm going to love it more as an adult when my kids go away to camp... :)

rundangerously said...

thanks dawn! she loves that place!

scott, it's a kid-free zone at my house for the next month!