Sunday, July 13, 2008

new york park to park 10k: race report and photos

there's not too much to say about this race. the new york park to park 10k was a last minute addition to my race schedule as a result of the date change. i didn't get to see the bon jovi concert that caused the change from saturday to sunday, but i did get to central park and run the race as a result. lucky for me because i missed the norwalk 7 miler yesterday :(

since i didn't get to run the 7 miler, i went out for an easy 8 miler instead. i must have left my race on the post road because when i woke up this morning, the last thing i felt like doing was trying to run fast. in fact, when i lined up in the starting corral, the high point of the pre-race was listening to the singing of the italian national anthem!

i realized it was going to be a slog when the first mile took 7:40. even though it in the harlem hills, that 7:40 was would be my best mile of the race until i "sprinted" mile 6 in 7:39! this was just one of those days that i couldn't get my legs out of first gear. i finished in 48:49, a 7:52 pace. while the high humidity definitely made things uncomfortable, i doubt i would have finished it much faster on a cooler day.

here are my splits:

7:47 15:27
7:58 23:25
7:59 31:34
8:13 39:37
7:39 47:16
1:32 48:48

7:52 pace

if the pre-race high point was the italian national anthem, the post-race high point was running into my old dear friend mike, of the prospect park track club, just after the finish. we've known each other since the long ago days of sheepshead bay high school!

another post-race high point was learning that emmy won her age group. this was her first nyrr race as a brand spanking new 50 year old - what a way to kick it off! woo hoo!!

here are the official results at the nyrr site.

check out mike's race report.
check out alex's race report.

next up: the vermont 100 mile endurance race.


CTmarathoner said...

after you left I went to check the results and they were singing a bunch of Italian songs which made me wish you were there to hear it. I ran into Phil (waiting for the grand prize raffle -tix to Italy) who just ran his first race as a 40 year old --he is driving up to Vt with Nick and Grant and looking forward to seeing you:)

Pam said...

Best of luck to you, Emmy and everyone else running VT. Safe and rewarding travels. Can't wait to read the rr.

Just_because_today said...


It's all a matter of perspective, your slow miles are some people's (like me) fastest.
Good job,


rundangerously said...

bummed at missing phil :(

thanks pam! see you at nyc half!

thank myriam! i'm just glad to finish these races when the humidity is that bad :(