Friday, August 8, 2008

nike human race 10k and the all-american rejects concert on randall's island

i registered for the nike human race 10k yesterday. a resolution to my business travel plans freed up the the last weekend in august. i had planned to register for this event last month, until i remembered the possible travel conflict. now the human race 10k becomes the second virtual "global" race i've signed up for this summer. last month i posted about the pheddipidations world-wide half marathon challenge, which i'll participate in via the nyrr staten island half marathon this october.

i'm looking forward to running on randall's island. i've been there a number of times - for both running and non-running events. i've done a number of track races at icahn stadium. we've also been there for katie's travel soccer games (in what now seems a lifetime ago). and, amazingly, my very first visit to randall's island (not to be confused with "rikers island" as i would say when i reported back to my fellow associates at the time - ha) was as a young lawyer working on finance matters of the triborough bridge and tunnel authority - which has its headquarters there.

another very cool aspect of this race may be the "all-american rejects" concert afterwards. i say "maybe" since i've never heard of the group (yeah, yet another reason to feel old these days - ha). on the drive up to new hampshire i asked katie if she had heard of them. her quick reply from the backseat, "yes," had that skeptical tone of "what, is this a trick question?" so maybe the prospect of seeing them live will tempt her to run it (her longest, to date, has been a 5 mile xc race). having katie join me for the 10k race would, undoubtedly, be the coolest thing of all for me :D

update: check out photos from packet pick-up at niketown.


UltraBrit said...

Sounds like a fun race. I love The All-American Rejects. Great CD!

rundangerously said...

kate, can i borrow your cd? more importantly, how about signing up for the race?