Friday, August 1, 2008

july recap: races and concerts!

short version: july was a very interesting month for me. i saw 6 concert performances, and skipped a 7th, plus ran 5 road races, and dnfed a 6th one. i can't remember going to see that many concerts in such a short period of time since i was in college! i also travelled to 4 states, one of which, new hampshire, was our annual trip to deposit katie at summer camp.

long version: races and mileage. my monthly mileage of 261.09 was a 20+ mile increase from june's 241.7 miles. of july's mileage, 90.3 were race miles (which exclude the dnf). the race miles spanned, at the short end, the 2-person, 6 mile xc relay which i ran with katie, up to the 60 miles i logged at the 24 hour race (of which i ran for only 17.5 hours). in between those extremes was a 10k, 8 miler, and half marathon. the dnf took place at the vermont 100, of which i only completed 47.2 miles before i dropped out.

here are the races: putnam county classic 8 miler (emmy made her debut as race director at this one), waveny 2-person 6 mile relay (katie and i alternated running a mile each), the nyrr park to park 10k, the 24 hour around the lake ultra and, last but not least, the nyc half marathon (which i ran on behalf of the world lung foundation).

concert performances: july included 4 concerts, and 6 performances. 5 of those took place within a 4 day period. first up was the steve miller band at radio city music hall, with joe cocker as the opening act. the next day was trip to governor's island to see dark star orchestra, with tea leaf green as the opening act (it was my first exposure to tea leaf green and, now, count me among their fans). two days later it was over to jones beach to catch phil lesh and friends (but our tailgating resulted in missing levon helms, the opening act). last but not least, last night was the really big show (apologies to ed sullivan), bruce springsteen at giants stadium!

some stray thoughts: on the running front, going to see the bruce springsteen concert last night meant missing the one night only premiere of dean karnazes 50/50/50 marathon movie. that was a bummer, but there's always the upcoming dvd release. similarly, on the music front, i missed seeing jgb (jerry garcia band) with melvin seals and stu allen because it conflicted with the vermont 100 miler. luckily, my friend paul (who recommended jgb to me in the first place) not only went, but posted a guest review of the show). even more fortuitous, a few days later a podcast of the entire show was posted! so i did "catch" that one after all ;)

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