Friday, August 29, 2008

mad men: the "real men and women of madison avenue" exhibit at the new york public library

today pat and i went to the "real men and women of madison avenue (and their impact on american culture)" exhibit at the new york public library (actually, the science, industry and business library on madison avenue and 34th street).

the exhibit is a politically correct and socially acceptable look the real life world of advertising (which is portraited on the decidedly non-politically correct amc hit series, mad men).

for fans of mad men (and count pat among them), this behind the scenes glimpse at the real world of the advertising industry is a serious treat.

some the ads featured in the exhibit may seem familiar:

play it loud!

kittens, before the "milk moustache" took over.

this panel of ads from the early nike "just do it" series!

finally, as pat pointed out, art can sometimes imitate life. this ad, "the lemon," found itself part of episode three, of season one. "love it or hate it, the fact is, we've been talking about it for the last 15 minutes."

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