Thursday, August 14, 2008

tommy chong at the bryant park reading room: "cheech & chong: the unauthorized autobiography"

yesterday i spent an extended lunch hour at the bryant park reading room. as part of the park's "word for word" series, they had tommy chong scheduled to read from his new book, "cheech & chong: the unauthorized autobiography." instead of a book reading, it turned out that he was interviewed by josh gilbert, the director of the film "a/k/a tommy chong" - a documentary of tommy's imprisonment.

while i was mildly disappointed he didn't actually read from his book, tommy chong ranged far and wide with the topics he did talk about (lessons from his imprisonment, the upcoming reunion tour with old partner, cheech marin, marijuana (duh), and assorted political rants). he also took questions from the audience and followed-up the event with a book signing.

it was a great day to spend time outdoors!

arrival (w/security).

checking out the set.

checking out the crowd.


wide view of the "reading room," al fresco.

check out event coverage at the village voice.

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