Friday, August 22, 2008

new countdown clock and updated race schedule

i hadn't planned on a new countdown clock! but when i went to flashmysite to update my old one, imagine my surprise to learn it no longer existed - at least the way i remembered it, providing countdown clock!! but as luck would have it, found a much better one, which i was able to customize, at springwidgets!

the process kicked off with a letter from b.u.s. that informed us that park department approval for the ted corbit 24 hour race had been secured! the race details will follow, but the date, october 4, is official. we finally had a date approved, but now i had no countdown clock! luckily, after a bit of on-line research, i stumbled upon the springwidget site - and was back in business. the best part was that i customized it with a photo of ted corbitt himself!

after countdown clock was up and running, i also updated my race schedule - which now reflects the slow switchover to shorter race distances. aside from the staten island 6 hour run and the 24-hour run, the race distances run from 1 milers (2) thru half marathon (1) and the nyc marathon tune-up run 18 miler. except for the new moon 5k, nike human race 10k, and the westport summer series 9.4 miler tomorrow, i've run each of these races in past years.

i'm especially looking forward to the two races katie will participate in, the tuckahoe challenge mile and the fifth avenue mile! i'm also looking forward to the post-race all-american rejects concert on randall's island after the 10k. that event reminds me of the old nike runhitwonder races in central park!

so looks like a lot of good stuff is coming up in the next month and a half!!


AnthonyP said...

Great new counter.

Ryan said...

Those look like some great races plus another 24 run excellent. Happy training!

Bert said...

Nice counter, I am going to have to take a look at springwidget... Need one for Boston for next April...