Sunday, August 31, 2008

nike human race 10k: photos and results

john henwood and jill vollweiler, winners of the nike human race 10k
- on stage before the start of the all-american rejects concert!

here are some pre- and post-race pictures i took at the nike human race 10k.
will post my race report tomorrow.

pre-race walk over tri-borough bridge.

pre-race festivities.


check out the photos from the post-race all american rejects concert!

here is race recap via nike site.
link to race results via nike site.

here is my race report.


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see the All American Rejects. Here in LA we had Kanye West. I'm not a big fan of his.

Bert said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good turnout for the Nike Human Race; here in Houston it was rather low-key, seemingly last minute event with just a few hundred runners, no organization to speak of. Fun to run twice around Memorial Park nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Randell's Island course sucked and the race was poorly organized by Nike.

You where lucky you choose to walk across the Triborough bridge. I had to wait 45min for a 10min public bus ride that cost $5. Luckily for me the race started half a hour late. Unlucky for the slow runners/walkers that had to finished in the dark.

The course was a double loop around island, so the elite runners had to run through the slower runners. There were escorts for only the first lead runner. All the other fast runner had to fight for the right side.

In some places in the course we came to a complete stop because of how narrow course got. Like the 8 foot wide foot-bridge and walkway through the wet lands. So you could not even run off to the side of the course.

And even though you had to enter your T-shirt size when registering, they ran out of mediums. Tons of large and XL sizes. I don't know about you but I worked very hard to get rid of the large clothing.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the last person...i did this race with two friends...we were very surprised about the course..that brige was a was every man or woman for themselves.too tight...the pushing and shoving was horrible..i have also never seen a race start so late..we were told to line up at 5:30 and the race didn't kick off until after killed the spririt and wasn't the nicest running spot either--really no views...overall it was fun with friends but not a good running experience

CTmarathoner said...

I would agree with the above comments --having to wait until 6:25 to run was just inexcusable...and the course was so claustrophobic, dangerous and tight. I couldn't relax, even at a 9 minute/10 minute training pace. I was constantly looking around me to make sure I didn't trip ---this course was just not the right venue for 10,000 people --at the bridge we basically stopped, and I took my chip off -didn't want to be timed!!! I was going into it as a fun run on a beautiful night and the lateness and tight, crowded course killed the 'fun' part --everything else was great fun. I would have been quite happy to simply walk across and watch -wonder how many faster runners showed up? Would be impossible to push oneself around the crowds -why not central park?.
The poor runners who had to ride those crowded buses --I don't think they realized they could walk over.

Anonymous said...

I thought the organization was terrible, they should have realised there would be a problem at the narrow parts of the course. They knew how many runners were registered. Also the line for the ferries going to and from the Island was terrible.

Mr. J. Sorocco said...

The Human Race held at Prospect Park today (October 22, 2009) was great. Nike did a great job of organizing this event.

I liked the idea of printing our numbers on our t-shirt. This eliminated the need for pins. During the run there were plenty of water stops, the race began promptly, there were plenty of portable toilets, and all of the volunteers were pleasant.

It was good to see so many runners in Prospect on an early Saturday morning.