Monday, September 1, 2008

all-american rejects post-nike human race 10k concert: photos and setlist

the post-race concert by the all-american rejects was the highlight of the nike human race 10k event on randall's island! these guys can rock!

before nike announced they would be the post-race performers, i had never heard of this group! but then my friend kate set me straight when she sent me their "move along" album. i've been listening to it for the past two weeks, and am definitely hooked! good stuff.

with that taste of their music, i looked forward to hearing them perform live. they did not disappoint! the show kicked off with dirty little secret and was non-stop fun straight through to "move along," their encore. then we were treated to fireworks to end the night!

as to the music itself - the bulk of it came from "move along," but they tossed in one "oldie"and a new song that will be on the new album. at one point, mid-song, a stray "c" note caught tyson ritter attention during "it ends tonight." after tooling around with the various instruments to find the out of tune culprit (multiple blame)... the band decided to play it acoustic - awesome!

another cool retro moment for the old people in the crowd - the ramped up bay city roller inspired lead into "night drive!" the bay city rollers - a very unique group from that distant land of the 1970's, had a hit that played those chord..." that riff never sounded better than it did played as the tease into "night drive!"

for a bit of comic relief, ritter's congratulation to the runners for getting the 10k done turned into a search for the mileage distance of a 10k! "you guys ran 8 miles - awesome!" "you guys did 7.3 miles!" "wow there's a real mathematician in the crowd, exactly 6.21 miles!" "hey, what's with this metric system - isn't that for canadians?!" hilarious stuff!

if you get the chance to see this group - grab it!


here's the complete setlist:

dirty little secret
top of the world
swing, swing
stab my back
my paper heart
mona lisa
i wanna
night drive
i’m waiting
it ends tonight
the last song


move along

check out the race photos and results.


Just_because_today said...

sounds like a good time. I missed Journey and Heart, sadly I didn't have anyone to go with! a couple of friends who might have gone were on vacation . I was really upset about missing it

UltraBrit said...

I wish I'd been there. They are a great band and that is one of my favourite albums right now. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the music and the show.