Friday, September 19, 2008

"it's always sunny in philadelphia" season four premiere

i confess, the utterly non-politically correct, borderline psychotic, and edgy misanthropic, "it's always sunny in philadelphia," is my favorite sit-com. as far as i can tell, it's the only sit-com that sports an age-verification barrier to visit the shows official blog, "paddy's pub!" last night season four kicked off with back-to-back warped episodes: “mac and dennis: manhunters” and “the gang solves the gas crisis.”

after the macabre season opener which featured pseudo-cannibalism, a trip to the morgue to (almost) eat human flesh (said trip undertaken w/a hot plate and six-pack of beer in tow), and the episode titled "man-hunt," the second half hour installment was decidedly more socially acceptable. at least that's what most people would consider the gang's efforts to solve the "gas crisis." nuff, said...

okay, bottom-line, if you're suffering from political-correctness (however mild) or have a dainty constitution, stay very (and i mean VERY) far away from this series. it has the serious potential to rattle your psyche (cage) and send you into fits of (uncontrollable) rage.

on the other hand, if you're jaded - and decidedly thick-skinned - this is must see t.v. (or cable, actually)!

finally, for those of you on the fence, here are five very cool reasons - to either watch or not watch (yikes, that's such positively hamlet-like approach to the silly question)!


AnthonyP said...

I thought the first two episodes of this season (last night) were sub-par.

rundangerously said...

anthony, would you up for a trip to chelsea brewing company this weekend?

Michael said...

Never mind the TV show, I am gonna run the Distance Run Sunday screaming Lets Go METS for 2 hours. (In my head at least.)