Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2009 umstead 100 mile endurance run

it's done! after a couple of delays in getting the on-line registration up and running - i just took care of my registration for the 2009 edition of umstead (april 4, 2009) - which will be its 15th anniversary!

after a pair of injuries to my left shin ended my 2008 umstead race at mile 78, this event has rocketed to the top on my list of unfinished business. in the process, the escarpment trail run had dropped down to number two on that list (but that's for another post).

anyone in the mood to revisit those gory details can check out my 2008 race report - and the pictures.

so, ever the optimist, this time around i hope to tack on an extra 22 miles - and finish it :D

UPDATE: kickrunners thread reports that on-line registration filled in just 19 minutes - amazing! but race organizers have put aside a few slots for snail mail registration - phew!


Tammy said...


See you at the start line (but I suspect not the finish since you are way faster than I).

I sure hope we have better weather than last spring or VT100. It can't be much worse can it???

I say that observing my current ultra track record is terrible and looking to get even worse if Hurricane Hannah tracks east and is over DC during the North Face Challenge.

Perhaps my new mantra should be, "Bad Weather...bring it on!"

rundangerously said...

tammy, that's great!
on-line registration is already filled!
emmy is in. so too are meredith, eddie and hugo.
still waiting to find out who else is going to line up for 09.

CTmarathoner said...

update -Hugo didn't make it in online, so he called the race director, who advised him to overnight a paper registration -cross your fingers that he gets accepted.
The RD told him that they have 40 paper slots -Hugo better get in!!.