Tuesday, September 2, 2008

katie and alexa's excellent new england adventure: guest post

alexa and katie!

this was katie and alexa's second day trip to an amusement park in as many weekends! last weekend they went to atlantic park at misquamicut beach in rhode island. that was a water based adventure - they split their time between the beach and the water wizz slide!

this weekend they went north (and stayed dry), to six flags new england, in massachusetts.

here is katie's report of their trip.

Sunday I went to Six Flags New England. The plan was that my mom and I would meet up with my cousin Alexa and uncle Miguel once we got there. Since Alexa (my cousin) lives in Hartford, which is only a half hour from Great Flags, they got there at 11:00. My mom and I, however, live 2 1/2 hours away so we didn't arrive until 1.

Once we met up, Alexa and I went on this really fun and crazy roller-coaster called "Pandemonium!" It's really wild and I liked it a lot because, as you go over the hills in each 4-person cart, it spins you in circles which is the best part!

Then we had lunch in the big cafeteria. I had pizza, which, although kinda soggy, tasted pretty good.

Our next ride was called the "Buzz-saw." That's where you sit on these benches on one big platform, then it takes you up and down in circles!

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly as we played games and went on more rides. My favorite ride of the day was definitely the "Tomahawk." I think Alexa really liked it also.

When we left Six Flags, instead of going straight home, my mom and I followed my uncle and cousin to a restaurant called Cracker Barrel. There we met my aunt Andrea (my mom's sister) and Alexa's brother, Miggy, my other cousin, for dinner. The food was very good and we all had a lot of fun there.

On the drive home, I thought of how much fun I had had. I definitely want to go back sometime soon!

alexa, miguel, katie, and pat.

alexa, katie, and miguel.

w/bugs bunny?!

pat and katie!


Anonymous said...

Excellent write up Katie. Sounds like you had a great end to an adventurous summer. Good luck at school!

A Plain Observer said...

Nothing like spending time with a good friend! Sounds like a lot of fun.