Sunday, September 7, 2008

south nyack 10 miler: photos, report, and results

i've run the south nyack 10 miler a couple of times in the last few years. this time it was a sudden - as of yesterday - addition to the race schedule when the norwalk half marathon was postponed until next weekend because of tropical storm hanna. it was also a sudden - as i stood in line to register - decision to skip the race, despite being there - ready to run.

without going into detail (since i'll write it up separately), after a battery of blood tests and some chest x-rays, my doctor gave me the news that i had become seriously anemic. the next day i visited a gi specialist, who then scheduled a complete gi work-up for me next week to rule out internal bleeding as the culprit.

so, until cause of my anemia can be determined (the numbers, i'm told, are way too low to be explained by running alone) and corrective measures prescribed, i have to ratchet down the running. that should be pretty easy under the circumstances since i've had trouble just getting in daily 4-6 mile training runs over the last few weeks.

with that mini-drama playing in the back of my mind, i decided the wiser course was to skip the race. instead, as don, emmy, and rob ran the ten miler, i jogged an easy five miles around the neighborhood. plenty of races to run after this problem has been correct!

don, staci, and emmy.

francoise, crossing the finish!

rob and emmy, finished!

staci and emmy, finished!

rob, don, and francoise.

my favorite photo :D

staci checks out the mysterious van that sported michelob ultra taps along sided (and, yes, they worked)!

will add link to results when they are posted.

update: check out the journal news race coverage.


Laura said...

Did the proceeds go to the JA program? I taught for them last year... it was cool :)

susan said...

Yikes Frank...sorry to hear you're not feeling like yourself. Please be careful! You all were right up the road from me--wish I'd known, I'd have shown you around my neck of the woods along the Hudson. Next time, I guess. Put your feet up and read some of those new books in the meantime!

Pam said...

Frank - bummer my friend. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I've got a great GI doctor if you need a recommendation. Good luck figuring it all out, in the meanwhile, take it easy!

Divaleh said...

I think that all black panel vans should have mysterious taps that spout beer :)

Just_because_today said...

I like divaleh answer except that I would change that to wine. My friend, the colonoscopy is just another test, what sucks is the prep and when they tell you "you can't have nothing but water and see-through both and you must take the stuff that puts you in the bathroom and cleans you out". You will be fine. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

CTmarathoner said...

you may not have raced this a.m. but you did run and have ice cream and beer:))

rundangerously said...

thanks everyone! hopefully, this is a case of the diagnostic tests are worse than the problem itself!

laura, race proceed went to local volunteer fire and ambulence groups.

gailaj said...

Hi Frank -- Sorry you've hit a bump in the road (so to speak), hope the problem is resolved soon...feel better! -Gail

DawnB said...

hopes all goes well Frank and you are feeling better soon

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're seeing the docs to get to the cause of your anemia. it's been a real pleasure to run with you this summer in a few races at a slower pace. anyway, the ice cream truck will be at the Norwalk half this Saturday, whether you watch, walk or jog parts of the race and i'll be sure to bring some "dutch" liquid treats for you if the beer van doesn't show up.