Monday, September 15, 2008

giants crush little rams 41-13 for their 12th straight road victory!

giants answer the rams 4th quarter td with an immediate 82-yard scoring drive of their own. capped with bradshaw's td on mannings 16-yard pass (27-13 with 7:18 to go).

the giants extended their away game winning streak to 12 yesterday. they haven't lost an away game since the season opener last year. it's a bit too early to start looking at san francisco's 18 game record, but they've inched closer with this game. and about this game, don't let the score fool you - it wasn't ever close (despite reports to the contrary).

i've already read the breathless news accounts about how the game was close until the 4th quarter. the ny times headline, "for giants, a blowout win isn't a breather," is a perfect example of the sky is falling coverage. yes, the giants didn't extend their lead to the blow-out margin until the 4th quarter - but they had no reason to do so until then. the hapless, dispirited rams were a ghost of a team on their own field! it's pretty sad to get booed by your own fans when, supposedly, your team still has a fighting chance to win.

but to read this in the ny times, "the rams might have pulled off an upset victory if they had not hurt themselves with crucial penalties." - huh? was i watching the same game? i got a side stitch from laughing so hard after reading - and rereading that line! anyone worried about an upset by the little rams must have been tailgating a bit too long. as if to put an end to such nonsense - when the rams put together their only sustained scoring effort (and came within a touchdown) - in the 4th quarter, what did the giants do?

what any self-respecting defending superbowl team might consider - answer it with their own (even more impressive) scoring drive - and effectively wiped out whatever competitive spirit may have lurked in their opponents. the giants didn't need a blow-out, just a win. while it was frustrating to watch the first 3 quarters go by without the giants putting the game out of reach - and miracles do occasionally happen - i doubt there were many fans in st. louis who envisioned an upset.

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Pam said...

As the fall descends on us ... I see that we share two passions ... running and the GIANTS. Go big blue!