Friday, September 26, 2008

new york film festival

today kicks of the 46th annual new york film festival. while there are no running-related films to speak of (in stark contrast to the fred lebow documentary that premiered at the the tribeca film festival last spring), there are a few i'd like to check out.

unfortunately, the number one film on my list to see, che, starring benicio del toro, is scheduled for the one night that i can't take off (tuesday, when i teach my once a week estate planning class). with a running time of 268 minutes - and a 30 minute intermission - it promises to be a serious endurance event!

however, i'm hoping to catch my second choice, tony manero, about a fan of saturday night fever that takes imitation/impersonation to new levels. this brooklyn boy has two chances to catch the john travolta wannabe in action - very doable!

then there is the very mainstream happy-go-lucky (dare i say, borderline chick flick) to consider?!

with the festival running for two weeks (until 12 october), should be able to catch some of it!

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