Saturday, September 6, 2008

scarsdale friends of the library book sale

i just got back from the scarsdale friends of the the library book sale . managed to picked up nice half dozen books for the downright pleasant sum of $16 - before high-tailing it out of dodge!

one of them, the katharine hepburn/spencer tracy story is for pat. the remaining five (three music bios (buffet, joel, and lennon); one jerry lewis book about him and dean martin; and, for a change of pace, one about robber barron jay gould) should keep me occupied for few weeks.

normally i would have stayed longer and probably gotten a few more books, but just way too crowded for me. instead, i'll probably head back there tomorrow afternoon, with katie - so she can find a few books for herself. and, no doubt that trip will add a couple more titles to what i picked up today.

the book sale runs until wednesday.

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Just_because_today said...

An affair to remember catches my eye I wonder if it's based on their true story.