Wednesday, September 17, 2008

constitution day: 17 september

today, 17 september, is constitution day (or citizenship day). prior to it's official renaming in 2004 as "constitution and citizenship day," it was known simply as citizenship day. while the federal holiday is intended to celebrate citizenship, september 17 is, in fact, the anniversary date of the signing of the final draft of the united states constitution at the constitutional convention in philadelphia - way, way back in the misty days of 1787!

while i haven't taught constitutional law since 2004 spring semester, it is my favorite legal subject (particularly civil liberties and our first amendment freedoms).

check out the constitution day resources at findlaw.


susan said...

Hi Frank...I hope you're feeling better. I was happy to read that your tests were all negative--that's good news! I'm going to Staten Island tomorrow for the 6 hour run--are you planning to be there? I just finished Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton...fascinating and thought=provoking, esp during this particular political season. Anyway, maybe you could give me a lecture on Con Law--how many laps would that eat up???

rundangerously said...

thanks susan!

i'll be there tomorrow. my first effort on the slow comeback from the anemia. just hoping to get in the 26.2 minimum - the see how it goes beyond that.

the chernow bio sounds great. he's a top-notch writer. i've read two of his bios, "titan" and "house of morgan" - both very good.

as first secretary of the treasury (among many other things), yes - hamilton's bio definitely a timely
read :D