Saturday, September 20, 2008

staten island 6 hour run: race photos and results

great day for a race! the staten island 6 hour run was my first race since getting sidetracked with anemia for a few weeks. i acquitted myself well, getting in 20 miles just under 3 hours, the marathon just over 4 hours, and logging 32.4 miles for the full 6 hours.

here is my race report. will add link to official results when they are posted.

al, brennan, and emmy.

rob and emmy.

emmy and rob finishing.

brennan finishing.

rob, me, and brennan.

rob and susan.

emmy, rob, and susan.

phil, byron, and brennan.

susan collecting her award.

gail collecting her award.

emmy and susan comparing awards.

from the archives: the incredible fog at the 2007 start!

here are the official results.


Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB Frank! Welcome back!

CTmarathoner said...

good job all around --nice photos! especially the scenic (cemetary)photos...unbelievable weather...glad you feel better and were able to run 20 miles under an 8 min pace, and 32 total. You are definately coming back. Brennen, Susan and Gail did so awesome!!!!!!!
Rob would have easily topped 40 miles had it not been for his plantar pain:(