Saturday, September 13, 2008

norwalk (lightfoot) summer series half marathon: photos and results

gray morning, humid, start to the morning.

this morning was the conclusion of the 2008 norwalk (lightfoot) summer series - the sam elpern memorial half marathon. the race was postponed from last weekend because of hurricane hanna. i had planned to run this race, but since the anemia diagnosis, manning a water station was the better choice.

here are some race day photos. will post a report later today (or tomorrow).

pre-race: rob, roy, and emmy.

pre-race: don checks over the registration details.

the start!

the start: runners hit the road.

this was a double loop course.

joe, coming up the hill to our aid station.

gail and mr. big (security for our aid station).

al and emmy handing out water.

emmy and gail in deep conversation -
about how best to hand off water to the runners.






at the finish!

here are the official results.

here is my volunteer report.


DawnB said...

thanks for helping out today Frank sorry you couldn't race today. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon.

Ps. I saved the pic of the start of the race hope you don't mind.

Thank you

rob said...

Here are the results:

rundangerously said...

thanks dawn! ir you want, i can email you a couple of other start pics that i didn't post.

thanks rob, i added the link!