Monday, September 29, 2008

ted corbitt 24 hour run this weekend at juniper valley park

very important reminder: there will probably NOT be race day registration for the ted corbitt 24 hour run this weekend. in fact, the official registration deadline is only two days away: wednesday, 1 october.

however, rich will try to accomodate any last minute registrants:

"[T]here probably will NOT be post entry. Any last minute entrants can contact me by cell at 718-909-2555."

but even more important is the NEED for race volunteers!

"[P]lease mention the event needs volunteers. The two “thin” periods are 6PM-10PM and especially 6AM-10AM. We really need extra people for the morning shift to conduct the small loop and they also can see the end of the race."

here is the race application.

here is the text of the last b.u.s mailing that provides additional race information:

September 15, 2008

As you already know, the Ted Corbitt 24-Hour is less than three weeks away to be held at Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village, Queens on Saturday, October 4 starting at 10AM. All of you should have received a race application a few weeks ago. The following are the segments of the event:

ENTRY: There is not an entry limit like at the 12-Hour, but do not count on post-entry. Please enter as immediately as possible. Please note that event starters will receive a long-sleeve microfiber pullover with an embroidered design on the crest. You also may want to enter early to guarantee your desired size. These items were ordered from Alabama, so I had to order earlier than usual and "estimated" what quantity and sizes that may be needed. No, the pullovers were not a hurricane special or leftovers from a Wallace campaign, but I suggest you should enter soon.

FURTHERMORE: Your entry is also requested to honor Ted. To experience that same joy of movement, no matter how fast or slow, like Ted did for over 80 years. That’s the purpose of this event. You may note that I have not publicized this event nationally. Originally, my plan was to coordinate the race on a grand scale. But since the event was not approved until late August and with my own personal nonsense, such a production was not possible. So, the event is being presented between us BUS friends. But if you want to "talk it up" among your out-of-town ultra buddies, please be my guest. Their participation will be welcomed.

Note: Omitted from the application: A race information sheet will be sent to entrants around September 25.

VOLUNTEER: Enclosed with the 24-Hour application was a volunteer sign-up sheet. So far, I have only received 2 submitted sheets. This event needs volunteers. I have set up volunteering at 4-hour intervals, starting at 10AM to 2PM on Saturday. CAN YOU ASSIST? Multiple personalities will be welcomed. I have shifts for each of your alter egos. So, if you are bipolar or wear bifocals and anybody in between, I can use you. One concern will be the periods from 10PM to 2AM and 2AM to 6PM. If you have any experience as a hooker, an obscene caller, security guard, telemarketer, vampire or something, please then volunteer for one of the mentioned shifts.

Super Volunteer: In some instances, some event functions may need a certain special someone as an "event captain". Such functions are course set-up, food, public relations, transportation, etc. Please call if you are game and qualify. I may even present you with an official captain’s cap with scrambled eggs or eggs beater if you have high cholesterol. Assistance in those areas would be helpful.

FUNDING: As I mentioned in a previous mailing, the event will be costly. I already have received some generous donations and I realize money is tight especially after today. But the event can use some nominal donations like $10 or $20 to help foot the bills. Our big expenses are providing shirts to the Police as our appreciation for their patrols and reimbursing Parks Dept for supervision of their facilities during the off hours. Such reimbursement is paying for Parks personnel at overtime pay plus benefits. I didn’t realize BUS was providing medical and pensions?

[P]lease make every effort for the 24-Hour to be a success.

Thank you, take care and cheers.

PS: Please contact me by e-mail at

i'll try to post the race information sheet when it becomes available.

hope to see as many of you as possible this weekend!

here are the race photos and results. link to race report will follow.

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Michael said...

Are you saying that I can not decide at the last minute to run a 24 hour race... This is not a spontanious I-don't-know-what-I-wanna-do-today thing???