Sunday, October 5, 2008

ted corbitt 24 hour run: race photos and results

the ted corbitt 24 hour run ended at 10:10 this morning. what an experience - the weather extremes alone, between sunshine and rain, made it a grueling time!

the short version, before i can put together a semblance of a race report: i managed 91 miles. emmy not only pushed past 100 miles (101), but took second place! rob, on pace to easily exceed 100 miles, suffered a nasty shin splint that sidelined him at mile 90 - echoes of my experience at umstead last spring! and the race itself was kicked off by ted's son, gary, who started off on the track with us and ran for the first 6 hours or so, and returned this morning for the awards ceremony!

will post race report tommorrow.

our stuff packed in the car.

our stuff, unpacked, pre-race.

grant, rob, emmy, pre-race.

ted's son, gary, pre-race.

sri chinmoy, singing a special song in honor of ted.

brennan, w/deborah next to him.

michael and me, mid-race.

emmy and barbara, mid-race.

brennan, mid-race, w/pasta.

rob, mid-race, w/pasta.

richie, post-race, starting off awards ceremony.

ted's son, post-race, with rich at awards ceremony.

byron, the overall winner.

first, second and third, get ready for group photo.


hanna, overall women's winner.

emmy, second place (w/blanket)!

emmy, w/out blanket :D

update: here are the race results.


Pam said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment after beind in neutral for so long. You're quite the inspiration! Rest easy tonight.

AnthonyP said...

Congrats !!!

Michael said...

You did a great thing, It was great to see you there. Congratulations! I put some pictures on my blog.

rundangerously said...

thanks pam, thanks anthony, we missed you guys out there!

pam, say it ain't so about having to miss nycm :(

anthony, now that your office is downtown - we definitely have to go for some post-work beers...

michael, even more fun than seeing you - was getting to meet your son! what a great kid he is!
thanks for coming out!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dangermouse,

You did a wonderful job hanging on to a very fast early pace. 91 miles is an excellent result.

Your friend Emmy was super! Getting over 100 miles is amazing.

Rob's leg looked like it had a golf ball just under the skin. Do you know what it was? Is he okay? Another very nice friend of yours.

Two things regarding names: the winner's name is Byron Lane (yr, not ry); the singer's name is Arpon DeAngelo.

Anonymous said...

Arpan, with an an ending. Sorry.