Friday, October 31, 2008

james bond: the "bond bound" exhibit at bonhams galleries

after we picked up our race packets at the nyc marathon expo, michael, emmy, and i walked up to the bonhams galleries to check out the "bond bound: ian fleming & the art of cover design" exhibit. between the crowded lunchtime streets and the wind, getting there via foot was practically a dry run for sunday's main event!

interestingly, the newest james bond movie, quantum of solace, had its world premiere in london the previous evening. it opens in london tonight. we, here in the u.s., have to wait 2 weeks, until november 14, to see it.

as for this interesting exhibit, which focused primarily on the cover art of james bond books (and some poster art as well), its brief run ends today. so i'm glad michael and emmy indulged me and we got a chance to see it!

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Michael said...

It was fun. Just like the days we had 30 years ago. Just killen time and checkin' stuff out.