Sunday, October 12, 2008

"imagine peace" the artwork of john lennon exhibit

today was the last of four days that "imagine peace: the artwork of john lennon" was on display at the openspace gallery. it was a special exhibit in remembrance of lennon's 68th birthday. not wanting to miss it, after the great train race, i took a quick shower and took the metronorth north into the city.

surprise number one: pat and katie joined me! surprise number two: i met a finisher of the westchester half marathon, andrew, on his way home to nyc.

we both stood in the vestibule of the crowded sunday afternoon train. he still wore his finishers medal and had on his running clothes. i was reading the new dean karnazes book. after we struck up a conversation, the time passed quickly. turned out the westchester half was his last hard effort before he tapers for his first marathon - the nyc marathon next month!

after the metronorth we took yet another crowded train ride. this time from grand central down to the gallery in soho. at times, it almost seemed as if katie was more interested in window shopping than the lennon exhibit ;) but, all in all, she did seem to enjoy the experience.

the gallery space was crowded, but not overwhelming so. the artwork was nicely displayed and well-lit. here are a few pieces that i found interesting:

below are larger, clearer versions of the two illustrations on this panel: a herd moving and a cat climbing.

"a herd moving"

"a cat climbing"

"war is over"

it's too bad the exhibit was only on display for 4 days. but, luckily, this exhibit tours different cities and venues!

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