Thursday, October 2, 2008

updated schedule for october and november

this is technically an update in progress because i'm still uncertain of a couple of things for october. the first is whether i'll run the staten island half marathon, or switch to a different race, the weekend of the 12th. second, i'm still not sure about some business travel plans, so i don't know whether i'll be to get in a race the weekend of the 26th.

aside from those two items, and the previously mentioned ted corbitt 24 hour run this weekend, i added a few definite race to the calendar: the international friendship run and nyc marathon the first week of november, followed by the stone cat 50 miler and the beachfront bushwack 5 miler the next weekend. last year i did the friendship run as part of my trip in to watch the mens olympic marathon trials. it was so much fun, that i'll do it again.

last year, i signed up for the stone cat 50 miler - but switched down to the marathon distance. so the return to that race, as much as i love the post-race beer, is more about unfinished business. i would have followed up stone cat with the jfk 50 miler - but my application was returned, check uncashed, because if filled in only a couple of weeks this summer!

the staten island half i thought i'd run as part of the phedippidations world-wide half marathon challenge. but as i recently checked the race calendar, a couple of local races have grabbed my attention and may result in a switch.

the last weekend of october, if i'm not traveling, will do a pair of halloween race on the 26th. that's become something of a tradition, where katie and i run the morning 5k in wilton together, and then i head over to new canaan for a second 5k in the afternoon. should know about this pair once my travel plans are finalized in a few days.

finally, the weekend i will definitely be away (18-19th), means i'll miss out on the long island 6 hour run taking place that sunday. it's the last b.u.s. grand prix series event of the year and since i've managed to run each one so far, missing the last one will be bittersweet. but i'll see a bunch of that crowd at other races and ultras in the upcoming months.


bill carter said...

Busy, busy schedule and very impressive. I thought my 5 marathons this year was busy, but wow! I am going to go after my first 50 miler next June in Ohio (Mohican trail 50). Should be interesting.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the roller coaster Great Train Race on the 12th where you and Emmy cracked 50 minutes 2 years ago. Best to you, Emmy and Rob in the 24 hour run!


CTmarathoner said...

wish you were going to LI birthday run and JFK!!! Hope you do great train race w/Roy -if rested and here , I would want to run staten island BUT that traffic... But the Stone Cat 50 miler is one you have never done before -good course, lots of commeraderie, hot soup and coffee and stone cat beer after...and those great red jackets the finishers wore at at lake waramug. Hope for mild weather in November..also a good kickoff to January 100 training -LOL -ugh!.