Friday, October 3, 2008

aircraft carrier intrepid safely back home in new york city

technically, the decommissioned 65 year old aircraft carrier is officially the intrepid sea, air and space museum. it underwent extensive overhaul and renovations, including a stint in dry dock, during the preceding 22 months. even its home base on the west side of manhattan, pier 52, was extensively rebuilt to increase capacity during same period.

finally, yesterday, with the renovations complete, the distinguished warship made its way back to new york city. the return was a much more dignified affair when contrasted with the embarrassing departure - which, in 2006, was delayed because the ship could not be pulled away from the dock! the u.s. navy had to be called in to dredge the mud that had encrusted the ship's 4 massive propellers!

this time around, the only excitement surrounding the trip was sound of cheering fans (both on board and awaiting on shore)!

i've visited the intrepid a few times over the almost 25 years it's been a fixture on the west side. it's an incredibly impressive site, and should not be missed. i can't wait to get back there to see all the new stuff (including the addition of two soviet era migs on the flight deck)!

don't pass up the opportunity to see this bit of living history for yourself!

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